Thanks to all attendants who came to visit our stand at the Exhibition on Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Equipment.

iWaveOcean was born n 2014. Our official start off was at EudiShow, Exhibition on Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Equipment (Bolonia, 14-17 of March). iWaveOcean’s stand welcomes several friends and visitors. Follow us on our facebook page to stay informed on next occasions to meet!

iWaveOcean was born in 2014. The official start-off was at EudiShow, the most important exhibition of diving activities in Europe. The event began on March 13th and ended on March 17th. The stand of iWaveOcean was visited by many customers. If you want to be update about our products, just follow us in our web page of Facebook.

Cast new light on the sea with our Scuba Lights.

iWaveOcean is a company that manufactures torches for diving. They are light and very resistent: the perfect instrument for the practitioners of scuba diving.

Underwater life: the most amazing show, always “on stage” under the sea. Being a diver means to get a front row seat for this show. We designed our Scuba Lights to make this show even more extraordinary during your diving, in any ambient and in any situation. We produced them thinking about what we really need when we are diving: easy, essential, reliable tools. iWaveOcean Scuba Lights are perfect both as underwater lights and as flashing lights. They are strong, resistant, easy to manage: the ideal companions for a trip to the deep blue. That’s why we gave them names instead of product codes. • Caerberus • Eva • Medusa Which will you pick up for the next diving experience?